Moonshot Makes Composting at Your School Easy as 1-2-3

Schools generate a lot of food waste that winds up in landfills. If you think diverting that waste for better use takes major effort, think again. 

Composting is a simple, elegant solution for colleges and universities, high schools, grade schools, academies, and more to reduce their environmental footprint while creating a valuable resource. 

And with a composting service like Moonshot Compost, all you have to do is fill the drum with your compostable waste and see your compost efforts make an impact.


Start Composting to Turn Food Waste into Treasure

Here’s how your school can benefit by working with Moonshot Compost:

Composting Benefits the Environment

Whether the food waste comes from a school, a business, or a backyard, composting is always a boon for the environment. 
Food waste is the number one material sent to landfills in everyday trash. Composting eases the burden on landfills and their limited space by diverting it for a positive use. Landfills are sources of methane, odors, pests, and toxic runoff that nearby communities have to deal with.

You’ll Create Natural Fertilizer

The positive use that food waste transforms into via composting is nutrient-rich fertilizer. Compost returns vital minerals to the soil wherever it’s used, and is also great for water retention. 

Schools that sign up with Moonshot may choose to have their compost returned to them for use on their own grounds, donate it, or let us donate it on their behalf to farms and gardens in the community.

You’ll Educate Students

The students of today will inherit the world we’re creating, so who better to learn a better way to handle food waste?

A campus composting program is a ready-made foothold for introducing students to the world of sustainability. Your teachers can reinforce lessons about biodegradation or recycling by walking students through the process so they can see it first-hand.

You’ll Improve Your Sustainability

Schools all over America have sustainability programs in place, and many have turned to composting as a powerful yet simple way to reduce their environmental impact. In fact, more than half of the schools, districts, and post-secondary institutions named a Green Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2023 maintain some sort of composting program.  By working with Moonshot, your school can easily track your sustainability efforts by checking in on your Diversion Dashboard (more on this below).

Schools Are Taking Their Moonshot…and Learning Along the Way

The Fay School in Houston worked with us to incorporate composting into a Project-Based Learning (PBL) program for fifth graders, who shared their new knowledge with the broader campus community.

Read more about The Fay School program

Moonshot Makes Composting Simple

We provide everything your school needs to get started turning food waste into compost, including a bin, a drum, and compostable bags. We also train your staff and give you clear instructions on what can and can’t be composted, so that your collections don’t get compromised. 

On your selected day(s) of the week, we come and pick up your collected food waste and take it to a composting center. 

Twice a year you can request compost or choose to donate it. Easy!

See the Results in Our Diversion Dashboard

Everyone needs to know they’re making a difference to stay motivated to keep going.

That’s why we created our diversion reporting platform. This innovative software allows you to view your school’s amount of compost created, along with other data points such as how many pounds of food you’ve diverted from landfills and the equivalent of that diversion in emissions. 

You can even see stats for your entire community of Moonshot subscribers to follow how you’re doing collectively in the fight to transform food waste disposal.

Moonshot Is Helping Schools Like Yours

Currently, more than a dozen schools are partnered with Moonshot, ranging from private elementary schools to major universities. 

For those larger higher-ed schools, you may desire to start small by composting from just one or two areas, as Rice University opted to do… before quickly taking the program campus-wide. The school now collects both pre- and post-consumer food waste from 12 campus locations, as well as the graduate student apartments.

However you’d like to get acquainted with composting, we’re happy to develop a plan that works for your school.

Schools Composting with Moonshot

Get Started Composting with Moonshot Today!

We would love to develop a customized composting plan for your school. Follow the link below to request a quote and get started.

Composting is easy and clean