How the Sign-up Process Works with Our Commercial Composting Customers

As a business owner, composting needs to be easy to incorporate into your operations and your composting service provider needs to be transparent. That’s why we want to lay out the entire sales process we go through with potential customers, so you’ll have a good idea what it’s like to work with us before you actually work with us. 

If you like what you hear and want to hear more, don’t wait for a call from us. Hit us up right now and let’s start the conversation about turning your organization’s food waste into valuable compost.


Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Our first interaction with you is likely to be one or two quick phone calls. The first is usually us calling to determine who is the decision-maker for arranging services like Moonshot. We’ll be calling because a) you fit the profile for a potential customer with lots of weekly food waste–a college, a restaurant, or the like–or b) you have a reputation for sustainability and community involvement…or both! 

In our follow-up call with that decision-maker, we’ll gauge your food waste situation, as well as your interest in and bandwidth for starting service. We’ll also explain who we are, why diverting food waste from landfills is so important, and how we can make composting at your facility (or facilities) clean and easy.

Learn more about Moonshot Compost.


Dropping By for a Visit

The next step is for one of our team members to visit your site and see first-hand how your food operations work and what the waste streams look like. This will directly inform our proposal, as we’ll be able to get a real understanding of how much food waste you’re dealing with on a regular basis. 

We can also come back on-site for any follow-up visits as needed to meet additional stakeholders, or for any other reason.
We want to make it clear that this is not a high-pressure sales call. We truly believe in the work we’re doing, which we think is important enough to stand on its own merits without us having to ‘twist your arm.’ If we think we’re not a good fit for you because your food waste volume or site layout is just not conducive to our composting program, we’ll tell you so.

Here’s What We Propose…

As quickly as the day after your site visit, we can have a proposal ready for your review. To go with our mantra of “clean and easy,” this will be a one-page, easy-to-read document.

Our proposal will include a structured pricing plan that’s based on the number of drums on-site and the frequency of your pickups. Most of our commercial customers opt for two drums, picked up twice per week. 

We may be able to offer you a ‘friends and family’ discount or a volume discount at a certain number of pickups. And we’ll draft the proposal to integrate with any known surges or lags in food waste volume, such as over Spring Break and summer for our customers in the education sector.

Just Say Yes

If you like what you see in the proposal and you’re ready to get started, we are too! We don’t have customer agreements; you’ll just need to pay a small initiation fee and then we’re off and running. 

We will consult with you to determine what days of the week you want to schedule pickup(s). If you decide you want to change these later, just let us know. 


Ready to Report

With your company signed up, we will create your free, personalized Diversion Dashboard so that it’s ready for you when you’ve completed your first pickup. Through the Dashboard you’ll be able to track via app or the web your waste diversion stats, from total poundage diverted to pounds of CO2 saved.

This gives you real-world data you can then share with team members and the public to let them see for themselves how you’re doing your part to steward the environment in your community. 

View an example Diversion Dashboard.


All Onboard!

The final step before beginning pickups is our on-site training for your kitchen, janitorial, or other staff that will be dealing with food waste. We’ll explain how the drums work, advise you on the best places to store them, arrange your pickup location, and answer any questions you may have.

This won’t take long; after all, it’s just trash. That is, until we get ahold of it!

Commercial Composting FAQs

What type of containers do you offer?

For our commercial services we typically use 55-gallon drums, though container selection is part of our onboarding process.

How often do you collect my compost?

As part of your onboarding, we consult with you to determine a pickup schedule that works for you. In most cases, we collect no more than twice per week.

What happens to the compost you collect?

We take everything we collect to a compost facility, where the food waste is mixed with vegetative waste to become compost. Learn more about what happens to your food waste.

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Composting is easy and clean