Bring Sustainability to Your Event Planning and Catering Services with Moonshot

Standing out in a crowded field such as event planning can be difficult. As businesses’ environmental stewardship becomes a top priority for customers as they shop for service providers, the ability to offer your clients sustainable waste management can be a key differentiator and strong selling point.

Moonshot Compost partners with event coordinators and caterers to bring a sustainable approach to food waste management with their events. 

We can craft a custom on-site food waste collection and off-site composting plan for your event–no matter the size–that will add a special significance to the proceedings.


A Tailored Waste Management Solution

Moonshot brings the same high level of food waste diversion expertise and streamlined experience to events that we offer day-in and day-out to our many residential and commercial composting customers. 

With an event to coordinate, we help you focus on the job you have to do and leave the food waste to us. That’s why we make organic waste diversion at your event easy by…

  • Helping you estimate your food waste load and advising you on ways to minimize it
  • Providing the right number of waste disposal stations
  • Properly placing clearly signed and color-coordinated collection bins 
  • Educating events staff, vendors, etc. on the how–and the importance–of organic waste diversion.

We provide all the supplies needed and collect promptly after the conclusion of the event.

Moonshot Compost bin and drum

For All Types of Events

Whether you typically work indoor parties or outdoor soirees, large gatherings or private affairs, we’re at your service.  

In the past, we’ve collected from corporate events in office towers, modeling shoots in warehouses, and Earth Day events around town. We’ve even collected at a hotel for the athletes performing in Disney On Ice!

Other events we’re up for:



Promotional events



Sports tournaments

Group of people planting vegetables at community garden

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Without a waste diversion program in place, food waste from your clients’ events likely heads to a local landfill, like nearly 25% of all food waste in the country does

There it will contribute to toxic chemicals being released into the air and water through the inevitable leakage that plagues all landfills.  

However, Moonshot-managed events turn organic waste into beneficial compost, a nutrient-rich soil additive that helps plants grow. It can also help pull carbon out of the atmosphere, combating the emission of greenhouse gasses, and replace polluting chemical fertilizers, protecting public health.

Compost produced from food waste at your event is donated to community organizations and gardens for use in their growing projects.

Share Your Diversions with Your Clients

Before you close the book on a successful event, you’ll want to let your clients know the incredible results that they and their attendees were able to achieve in waste diversion. 

We continually track our recurring customers’ food waste diversion, and we’ll do it for your events!

You’ll be able to tell your clients how working with you resulted in so many pounds of waste being diverted from landfills, and how that amount translates to benefits for the planet in real ways.

Ready to add us to your guest list?

Send us your event details at for pricing and availability. 

of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean

Pickup Composting Works in 3 Easy Steps

how to compost at home - icon

Set Aside Compostables

Drop your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells.

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Weekly Bin Swap

On your collection day, put your bin outside at the agreed-upon area (front porch, apartment alleyway, etc.). We do the rest! We will exchange your full bin for a clean one, supply the compostable bags and airtight bin, and even measure your contributions.

household composting - Houston, TX

Track Your Stats and Claim Your Post

Use your personalized Diversion Dashboard to see exactly how much you’re benefiting the environment. If you want to, twice a year you can request compost that you’ve been earning with each collection for your own use. 


Drop-Off Composting Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Set Aside Compostables

As they accumulate, toss your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells. Clean and easy!

Drop Off Any Time

Whenever you’re ready, drive up to one of our compost drop-off locations (see drop-off areas). There you can measure and send us the weight of your compostables (if you choose to), then place them in our dedicated drum. We have simple instructions at each location to take out any guesswork on your part.

household composting - Houston, TX

Give Yourself a High-Five

Congrats, you just diverted landfill waste and earned yourself some compost! If you want it back, just tell us when (up to twice per year). If you don’t claim it it will be shared with one of our local partners to help feed soil in our community.