Home Pick-Up Compost Service in Houston, TX

Moonshot turns homeowners and apartment renters across the Inner Loop and West Houston into full-fledged composters with our convenient Home Pick-Up Compost curbside service. 

Forget fussing with rotting food scraps and compost turners–Moonshot handles everything for you so that all you have to do is enjoy your meals, collect the food waste, and set it out for us. 

That’s all it takes to get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping keep trash out of rapidly filling landfills, while contributing to a nutrient-rich compost bank, shares of which can either come back to you, or be donated to a local community organization. 

Pick-up Composting Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Set Aside Compostables

Drop your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells.

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Weekly Bin Swap

On your collection day, put your bin outside at the agreed-upon area (front porch, apartment alleyway, etc.). We do the rest! We will exchange your full bin for a clean one, supply the compostable bags and airtight bin, and even measure your contributions.

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Track Your Stats and Claim Your Post

Use your personalized Diversion Dashboard to see exactly how much you’re benefiting the environment. If you want to, twice a year you can request compost that you’ve been earning with each collection for your own use. 

We Pick Up from These Houston Zip Codes

Check out the Houston service map to see which Space City neighborhoods we’re currently covering with pick-up runs.

Zip Codes Added:
77062, 77074, 77094, 77450, 77494 and 77578

Not in our service area? We’re expanding all the time, but until your hood is Moonshot territory, join the waiting list and stay tuned for updates. Or check out drop-off composting the other great way to compost with us.

Join the Mooniverse! See How Much Your Community is Composting

Explore the map to see the businesses and residents near you who are taking their Moonshot and helping keep thousands of pounds of compostables out of landfills.


Our Compost Materials Checklist

We’re going to have to decline pet waste, litter, metal, plastic…things like that. But table scraps, crackers, compostable tea bags, coffee grounds, even coffee filters, send them our way!

Moonshot Compost's Diversion Dashboard

Track Your Contributions on the Diversion Dashboard

We make it simple to view the environmental benefits your donations are making with our Diversion Dashboard tool. You’ll find stats such as pounds of waste diverted from landfills and pounds of CO2 saved by composting that waste. You can also get data on your larger community’s achievements, as well.

Refer Your Friends and Get Rewarded

We offer two ways to earn Moonshot credit: Anytime and Quarterly rewards. You can get bill discounts for every signed-up referral to the Mooniverse, as well as a shot at up to one free month of service if your area has the highest density of subscribers.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

How often do you collect my waste?
We collect once per week.

What time of day do you collect my waste?
We start collecting at 8:00 a.m. and will typically finish our collecting before 3 p.m.

Do I need to be home for pick-up day?
Nope, we will handle everything.

All your questions answered – more home pick-up composting FAQs.

of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean