Calling all composters!

Introducing Moonshot’s new Referral Rewards! It’s our new rewards program that puts you in control.

At Moonshot, we are always thinking about how we can make it easier for our subscribers to compost. And when we can increase the value we provide through our services, we do that. 

  • That’s why we return earned compost twice per year; and not just any compost, but the top-of-the-line compost from Nature’s Way Resources
  • That’s why we provide free supplies, including unlimited compostable bags
  • That’s why we provide a personalized diversion dashboard to each subscriber, at no charge

Our subscribers deserve industry leading service, and that’s what we strive to provide. 

Now you can earn unlimited rewards for being a leader in diverting food waste. 

Our new Referral Rewards program is our way to make sure you are paying the lowest amount possible for our residential pick-up service. You can earn credits two different ways.

  • Anytime rewards – you earn a $5 credit for every new residential pick-up subscriber you refer. That’s right, $5 for any new pick-up subscriber who lists your name when they sign up. If you refer 10 neighbors, that’s a $50 credit. 
  • Quarterly rewards – you can earn up to one free month per year through our new quarterly rewards. We created a new algorithm for calculating the density of Moonshot subscribers around you, and once per quarter we will provide a credit to our subscribers with the greatest density. More details on how that works here.

Take for example a new subscriber, Claire, who signs up in January 2022 for home pickup service. She’s so pleased to be able to divert, she tells her friends and neighbors, and two neighbors sign up in February, listing Claire as a referral. Claire would receive two $5 credits in March. And because Claire lives in a neighborhood with other Moonshot subscribers nearby, let’s say that Claire receives another $5 credit in April and July for the quarterly rewards. Maybe these new neighbors who signed up are also pleased with the service, and each refers two new neighbors, and these additional Moonshot subscribers come on board in August, in time to move Claire’s neighborhood into the top quartile in density. Now, Claire receives quarterly discounts of $7 in October and January 2023. So, in total, for just sharing her positive experience as a Moonshot subscriber, Claire has received $10 in anytime credits and $24 in quarterly credits, for a total discount in her first year of $44; that’s more than one month free.

The more pick-up subscribers who live near you, the more additional credits you can earn. Why? Because we are all in this together.

You might wonder, “Why would a company spend so much money to save me money?” The answer is simple. We are all in this together. Did you know the square mileage of the greater Houston area is about 20% greater than the state of New Jersey’s? If we are going to use food waste diversion to solve our climate problems, we need to be responsible about how we do it. The Referral Rewards align all our interests. Our trucks drive the shortest possible distance, and we share that savings with you. And we limit our carbon emissions as much as possible. 

Our proprietary algorithm generates a ranked list of our residential pick-up subscribers, in order from the most dense to the least dense. In simple terms, we are counting how many Moonshot subscribers live in your zip code. As we gain more subscribers, the algorithm gets a little more complex. We generate this ranked list four times per year, every time the seasons change. The first quarterly rewards will deliver credits following the first day of spring, March 20, 2022. 

Once we have this ranked list each quarter, we break it into 4 even groups. 

  • Each subscriber in the top quartile will earn a $7 credit. 
  • Each subscriber in the second quartile will earn a $5 credit.
  • Each subscriber in the third quarterile will earn a $3 credit.
  • For our subscribers in the fourth quartile, there’s no penalty, but there’s also no credit!

If you have any questions about this, feel free to hit us up at .