Sustainability Is Our Business

Facilitating better stewardship of the planet is our business, but that’s not the whole story. We practice what we preach by proactively adopting practices that help us leave the earth better than we found it.

The Moonshot Mission

Composting is the quintessential sustainable activity, taking nutrients from the soil and cycling them right back into the soil to benefit new plants. 

From its inception, the mission of Moonshot has been to awaken people to this beautiful practice of composting by changing the way they view excess food–to see it not as trash, but as a valuable, renewable resource just waiting to be tapped.


Peer Inside The Mooniverse

Every new resident or business that signs up with Moonshot expands “the Mooniverse” and grows its positive impact. Click on any pin on the map below to see in real-time how much food waste each of our customers has diverted from landfills. As you can see, we’re making a huge difference!

Cultivating Healthier Gardens and Communities

Twice a year, we offer both residential and commercial customers the opportunity to receive compost they’ve earned with their donations. We also sell compost, upon request. What can we say–we just love seeing this great, natural resource used in place of synthetic fertilizer!

However, as most of our customers don’t request to receive their earned compost, much of it is donated to community gardens. Over the last several years we’ve donated hundreds of pounds of compost to eight community gardens in the area.

These gardens are special for so many reasons: they bring residents together, boost the local economy, improve air quality, help ease food insecurity, and create a beautiful space in which everyone can take pride.

Group of people planting vegetables at community garden

Conservation at Our Offices and on the Road

Here in Houston where we’re based, we’re walking the walk by recycling at our offices and using 100% renewable electricity. Employees are also proud Moonshot customers at their homes.

We recently purchased an electric E-transit vehicle for making collections. We also use route optimization software throughout our fleet to ensure each collection involves the fewest number of miles on the road as possible.


Spread the Word and Get Rewarded

Because we cut into our driving efficiency if we go out of our way for a single pickup, we only grow our service area as demand requires. That means we need a critical mass of subscribers in an area before we can justify operating there. 

We find that our current subscribers are often the best advocates for composting to their friends and neighbors. That’s why we offer a $5 credit for every referral they make, to encourage you to spread the word and help us launch the Moonshot mission into new territories.

Skip a Collection and Get Rewarded

Staying off the road is so important to us, we even incentivize customers to wait until they have a full bin before having us come and collect their food waste. Residential customers earn a $5 refund for each collection they skip.

All you have to do is reply to your weekly collection reminder text before the day of your collection and let us know not to come.

We Use Only Compostable Bags

Think we overlooked the food waste containers? Think again! The only bags we use and accept are certified compostable, meaning there’s no part of your donation that ends up in a landfill.

what are compostable bags

See & Share Your Own Sustainability

At Moonshot, we believe you can’t change what you can’t measure. That’s why we provide you with your exact food waste diversion stats that you can access from the palm of your hand.

We call it the Diversion Dashboard, and in our humble opinion it transforms expectations for what a waste company can and should be.

Helping You Put the Right Stuff in the Bin

We want your Moonshot participation to be easy to sustain, too, which is why we make it as easy as possible to remember what goes where.

Lists of acceptable composting items are printed directly on the bin, making it less likely the load gets contaminated.

You can also download and print the list any time.

Past and Present Moonshot Partnerships/Sponsorships

of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean

Pickup Composting Works in 3 Easy Steps

how to compost at home - icon

Set Aside Compostables

Drop your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells.

easy composting at home - icon

Weekly Bin Swap

On your collection day, put your bin outside at the agreed-upon area (front porch, apartment alleyway, etc.). We do the rest! We will exchange your full bin for a clean one, supply the compostable bags and airtight bin, and even measure your contributions.

household composting - Houston, TX

Track Your Stats and Claim Your Post

Use your personalized Diversion Dashboard to see exactly how much you’re benefiting the environment. If you want to, twice a year you can request compost that you’ve been earning with each collection for your own use. 


Drop-Off Composting Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

how to compost at home - icon

Set Aside Compostables

As they accumulate, toss your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells. Clean and easy!

Drop Off Any Time

Whenever you’re ready, drive up to one of our compost drop-off locations (see drop-off areas). There you can measure and send us the weight of your compostables (if you choose to), then place them in our dedicated drum. We have simple instructions at each location to take out any guesswork on your part.

household composting - Houston, TX

Give Yourself a High-Five

Congrats, you just diverted landfill waste and earned yourself some compost! If you want it back, just tell us when (up to twice per year). If you don’t claim it it will be shared with one of our local partners to help feed soil in our community.