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 The Most Important Questions to Ask When Vetting a Composting Company

When looking into private composting companies to work with your restaurant, school, office, or apartment building, it’s important to thoroughly vet each one. You will want to find out the ifs and hows of a variety of topics, including: We will walk you through these topics and cover which questions to ask during the vetting […]

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Food scraps next to a compost

Busted: 5 Myths About Commercial Composting

Composting has gained more popularity in recent years as more of us have realized the benefits of keeping our food waste out of the landfills. Though not yet as ubiquitous as recycling, composting is becoming more commonplace from corporate office buildings to our kitchen counters. Composting at work not only helps reduce your company’s carbon […]

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How to Get Decision Makers Onboard with a Commercial Composting Program

Composting is one of the easiest ways individuals can reduce their ecological footprint. It is as simple as separating food scraps and allowing them to transform into compost for their home or neighborhood gardens. Many may see a great amount of food waste happening in their office or restaurant, but may not know how to […]

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Restaurant worker putting food in regular trash bin

Tips For Overcoming Obstacles and Mastering Composting in the Workplace

Adopting a composting program at work is a great way to help the environment, nurture employee engagement, and meet sustainability goals. However, implementing any kind of change in the workplace can present challenges.  Here are the top challenges associated with implementing a composting program in the workplace and how to address them. 1) Getting Employee […]

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Tips For Getting Staff Onboard with a Composting Program

Do you want to start or improve a composting program at your company, but aren’t sure how to get staff on board with the changes that come with it? When initiating any change in the workplace, employee buy-in can help make the transition successful.  The more employees you have on board with a change, the […]

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Food waste in indoor compost bin

Learn How To Compost Without A Garden

These days, we are all aware of the importance of living a more green lifestyle, and focusing on things like using less energy, conserving water, and recycling. When it comes to composting however, many of us are hesitant. Apartment and condo living can often seem incompatible with saving and using food waste. Most of us […]

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Crops growing in a field

8 Good Reasons Your Business Should Be Composting Food Waste

Across the U.S., food waste is the top contributor to filling up U.S. landfills, making up 22% of municipal solid waste. But what if we told you that you could recycle your food scraps into something that boosts employee morale, increases brand loyalty, and benefits the environment? Well, with composting, you can help your business […]

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Recycling symbol made from plant

Composting vs Recycling: Vive la Différence

More than half a century after being introduced to the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” today virtually all Americans recognize the logo of three white arrows forming a loop. We know the bins marked with that sign are for paper and plastic. When pressed, however, many of us are somewhat hazy on the details: Can straws […]

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Scraping leftover salad from plate into bin

What to Do with Food Waste? How You Can Recycle and Reuse Food Scraps

The tragedy of food waste is right there in the name–it’s a shame to discard something with so much love left to give.  All that spoiled and uneaten food, table scraps, produce trimmings, leaves, greens, tops, cores, pits…It adds up to millions of tons of wasted food every year in the U.S. alone, and that […]

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what are compostable bags

Where to Buy Compostable Bags in Greater Houston

If you are environmentally conscious, you probably have some interest in the idea of composting. Composting is a great way to cut down on household wastes, and individuals, families, and businesses can compost inexpensively. Composting is a process of treating solid waste where microorganisms break down organic material in the presence of oxygen. The organic […]

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are produce stickers compostable

Are Produce Stickers Compostable? – Fruit and Produce Sticker Biodegradation

For decades, produce stickers have been used by supermarkets to make check-out and inventory management easier, faster and more accurate. Despite their small size, these stickers are a serious problem for composters everywhere. This article will show you all the reasons why produce stickers don’t make the list of what can be composted at home […]

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environmental benefits of composting

Environmental Benefits of Composting – How Does Composting Help?

Compost is an organic substance decomposed by a process known as composting. The process involves recycling various organic materials (otherwise deemed as waste) to produce soil conditioner. Is Composting Worth It? In simple words, yes. Putting organic substances back into the planet’s ecosystem will enrich the soil with essential nutrients that synthetic fertilizers cannot substitute. […]

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compost vs. landfill

Compost vs. Landfill – What Happens to Compostable Items in a Landfill?

How does composting help landfills? It’s true that organics break down regardless of where they are. The process and time required for decomposition in both compost systems and landfills are not the same. The next time you’re tempted to think organic waste will effortlessly “compost” in a landfill, think again. Heat Holding Capacity of Carbon […]

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aerobic composting vs. anaerobic composting

Aerobic Composting vs. Anaerobic Composting

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic composting? Both types take advantage of decomposition – the way things naturally break down. How are these two composting systems distinct? That’s the question we’ll tackle on the blog today.  This article will help you determine the obvious composting choice for your home, restaurant, and/or office. Learning […]

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commercial composting vs. home composting

Industrial/Commercial Composting vs. Home Composting

On a chemical level, composting food waste is better for the environment than sending it to a landfill. Discarded food that decays in landfills releases a higher percentage of methane than food that is composted in a backyard or commercial composting facility. Due to the heat-retaining properties of methane, atmospheric warming is accelerated. This is […]

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