Commercial Composting Services for Waco, TX

Whether you know Waco best as the birthplace of Dr Pepper, the home of the Baylor Bears, or a home remodeler’s mecca, at Moonshot we believe your city could be known as a leader in the fight against food waste. We’re proud to include it in our roster of Texas towns where we’re bringing our innovative compost services to tackle the problem of food waste being sent to landfills.

Our commercial composting program helps businesses in Waco…

  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Improve your community
  • Highlight your sustainability efforts

Take your Moonshot today by signing up for Waco’s most ambitious food waste diversion service.


Facilities We Serve


Whether you’re serving up international cuisine, American faves, or Texas BBQ, we make sure your pre-consumer waste goes to good use.


Enlist your on-site employees into your food waste diversion campaign and see what a difference you can make together.

Schools & Colleges

Bear down on composting and help your local community by funneling food waste from campus cafeterias to the compost pile with our help.


Waco has more than half a dozen hospitals from which food waste generated by patients, staff, and visitors could become a huge amount of compost.

But we can also partner with virtually any Waco location from which large amounts of food are being sent to landfills, including:

  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Daycares
  • Country Clubs
  • Food Halls

How It Works

composting in restaurants - Houston

Set Aside Compostables

We consult with you to determine the size of your desired composting program, and get you on the pickup schedule that works for you. We are TRUE AdvisorTM certified and can plan as robust a waste diversion program as you want. All pre-consumer compostables are acceptable. In certain circumstances, we can take post-consumer waste, too. Contact us for details!

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We Pick Up Your Food Waste

We provide everything you need to collect the compostable waste, such as drums, compostable bags, and outdoor bins with airtight lids (so no foul smells to worry about). Each pickup, we leave you a clean bin and fresh bags.

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We’ll Report Your Impact

We calculate the pounds diverted from landfills with every pickup and can report these diversions, methane emissions avoided, and compost created by each collection. So your Waco business can show off its efforts and inspire your team, your customers, and all your stakeholders.

“Moonshot has been a great partner by helping us reach our Net Zero goals…”

“For over two years, Moonshot has been a great partner to by by helping us reach our Net Zero goals in a very tangible way. We now compost 100% of the appropriate waste from the two restaurants on our Houston campus, diverting all of it from the landfill. At the same time, this program is helping our culinary team become more aware of how they can minimize all waste. The compost we receive from Moonshot is used in our community vegetable garden, the vegetables used in our kitchens, the waste composted, the compost used in our garden…”

Joe Abuso

Global Director of Food & Beverage, bp


Show Off How Much Waste You’re Diverting

We make it easy to track and share your waste diversion achievements via your personalized Diversion Dashboard. Here you’ll find monthly and total stats on how many pounds of waste you’ve diverted from landfills, the equivalent amount of emissions avoided, and more that you can use in your ESG reporting and sustainability marketing.

Making Composting Easy

A clean bin with each collection

Employee training to ensure your compost is uncontaminated

Simple list of what’s collectable. See it here


What Happens to Your Food Waste?

Call us nerds, but we think it’s really cool how spoiled food and leftovers can become a valuable commodity when given enough time and a place to relax. Where is that, you ask?

Your Moonshot collections are transformed into compost at either commercial composting facilities or community gardens.

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Look Over Our Zero-Pressure Sales Process

Wondering how we work with potential customers? We have a page for that! Follow the link below to see how we go from an introductory call to weekly pickups.

Explore steps to getting started

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Commercial Composting FAQs

What type of containers do you offer?

For our commercial services we typically use 55-gallon drums, though container selection is part of our onboarding process.

How often do you collect my compost?

As part of your onboarding, we consult with you to determine a pickup schedule that works for you. In most cases, we collect no more than twice per week.

What happens to the compost you collect?

We take everything we collect to a compost facility, where the food waste is mixed with vegetative waste to become compost. Learn more about what happens to your food waste.

All your questions answered – more commercial composting FAQs.

of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean