Measure Your Composting Progress and Rally Your Community with the Diversion Dashboard

Our state-of-the-art Diversion Dashboard is the first of its kind in Houston.

At Moonshot Compost, one of our core values is transparency – individuals and businesses should be provided with accurate and up-to-date data about the food waste they are diverting from landfills. That’s why we developed our proprietary Diversion Dashboard software.

We weigh every collection that we make, putting that data into the Diversion Dashboard, which then allows every Moonshot subscriber to see the impact they are having.


What Is the Diversion Dashboard?

The Diversion Dashboard is a personalized online tool available to all our subscribers. 

We calculate the data we gather from your composting contributions by weighing the food waste that is collected and diverted from landfills (drop-off residential customers have the option to weigh their own contributions). 

Our drivers measure and input the weight upon collection, and your Dashboard updates with the latest numbers on the same day.

With our Diversion Dashboard, subscribers are able to:

  • access their data at any time via our website;
  • view their landfill diversion totals;
  • translate their impact into other green equivalents, such as number of trees planted;
  • compare their community’s impact with those of other nearby communities;
  • share their contributions to social media.

The same data that powers the Diversion Dashboard also powers the Mooniverse, an interactive map that contains total diversions for all residential and commercial Moonshot subscribers.

“We have always believed that you can’t change what you can’t measure.”

Chris Wood

Moonshot Compost Co-Founder

What Data Is Included?

Lbs. of food waste diverted from landfills

Lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO2) saved

Green Equivalents in miles not driven and number of trees planted

Composting Totals of your community, and your percentage of contribution to that total (residential)

Comparison with other nearby communities (residential)

Composting Totals of all pickup locations and comparison between each location (commercial)


This Is What the Diversion Dashboard Looks Like

Here’s an example of the residential dashboard, using the Dashboard of Moonshot co-founder Chris Wood.

Scan the QR code below or click the link: Residential Diversion Dashboard example

View totals for all subscribers in Houston.

Scan the QR code below or click the link: Houston Diversion Dashboard


Using the Diversion Dashboard Is Easy!

See How Our Diversion Dashboard Works for Residential Customers

Part 1: How to access the Dashboard

  • Watch your mail – We will send you a sticker with a personalized QR code.
  • Scan the code – Using your mobile device, scan the code to access the URL to your personalized Diversion Dashboard.

Pro Tip – These stickers are durable and scratch proof, so save it and stick it somewhere you can easily access it again (such as on your refrigerator door or inside a cabinet). You can also save the URL – in a note taking app, your browser bookmarks, or even with pen and paper.

Part 2: How to use your Dashboard

  • All in one place – All the information in your Dashboard is on one page.
  • Personal data – All of your personal data is displayed on the top row, which includes:
    • Weight – the first metric you can see is the weight in lbs. that you have diverted from landfills.
    • Green equivalents – 3 carbon equivalencies are listed for the impact of your diverted food waste: comparisons to the relative impact of trees planted, miles un-driven, and lbs. of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.
  • Broad data – Below personal data is a section for your broader data. For our residential customers, there is a community data section, which shows:
    • Weight – how much your community has diverted in total.
    • Subscribers – how many subscribers are in your community.
    • Personal percentage – your personal contribution to your community’s composting.
    • Community rankings – a list of local communities that have diverted the most, trending by month and 12 month totals..

See How Our Diversion Dashboard Works for Commercial Customers

For commercial customers, there is a section which shows your company’s total diversion, which is especially helpful for those customers with multiple pickup locations. Here you can find:

  • Total weight – how much your business or organization has diverted in total from all locations.
  • 12 month graph – a graph that shows the data totals by each location over the past year.

Pro tip – You can toggle your personal data to show either this month’s total diversion or an all-time diversion report.

What Can You Do With All This Information?

With our enhanced reporting you can:

  • Rally your community about the benefits of composting.
  • Share your data on social media.
  • Be inspired to keep composting.
  • Benchmark and set goals.

Commercial subscribers can also use the data to:

  • Tell your story – use the data to highlight efforts you are making to go greener.
  • Maintain employee motivation.
  • Use in ESG reporting.
  • Enhance investor perception and public image.
  • Attract talent.
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations.

“The Diversion Dashboard can help subscribers understand how integral their actions are to creating a culture change around food waste diversion.”

Joe Villa

Moonshot Compost Co-Founder


Diversion Dashboard FAQs

Is the Diversion Dashboard free?

The Dashboard is free for residential subscribers, and available for a small additional fee for commercial subscribers.

What if I don’t want to use the Diversion Dashboard?

Everyone has a dashboard created. For pickup subscribers, your collection will always be weighed. You can choose to access the dashboard or not but it will always be there should you want to see it. Drop-off subscribers can choose to weigh and record their weight when dropping off.

I’m having trouble accessing my Diversion Dashboard. Who do I contact for support?

Send an email to .

How accurate is the data?

When drivers pick up the compost, they weigh it immediately to ensure the data is accurate so you will be able to see same-day data.

Can drop-off subscribers access the dashboard? 

Yes! When you take your waste to one of our drop-off locations you can choose to weigh your food waste onsite. Each drop-off location has simple instructions for Moonshot subscribers to follow.

Start Your Composting Contributions Today

Moonshot Compost works with residents and businesses to turn food waste into a valuable resource through composting. 

We supply you with collection bins, informational signs on what can and can’t be collected, clean bins on every collection day, and offer flexible plans – all this along with our Diversion Dashboard technology to keep you informed on the impact you are having.

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