Which communities are in your active service areas?

Please see the areas served here.

I am a single-family residential subscriber, what do I get when I sign up?

We will provide you with your collection container, a list of compostable items, and one compostable bag. Each week we will exchange your bucket and provide you a clean compostable bag. 

And we will track the weight of the surplus food you divert from landfills and send that to you in a monthly report. You will also be able to track this information whenever you like by logging into your Account Manager.

I am an apartment dweller, what do I get when I sign up?

That depends. We make special arrangements with each complex, based on the waste collection services being provided there. It is always our goal to ensure you receive a collection receptacle and supply of compostable bags. Please fill out the form to get the process started!

I live in an apartment complex. Is there a way for you to measure the amount of excess food I am contributing?

We will have an aggregate weight for contributions by your complex. At this time, we are able to report the weight collected for only single-family homes and for our commercial clients.

What if I need to skip a pick-up?

We get it. You may go on a trip, or need to take a week off. If you let us know before your pick-up day that you don’t need us to come by,  we will credit you $5 for each stop we don’t make. To let us know, simply call us at 713-955-0011

Restaurants / Offices

Do you service restaurants?

Yes, we are currently servicing restaurants in a large area within the Loop 610 west of Downtown and we are always looking to expand. Please contact us to let us know you’re interested. We would begin with an audit, to determine your specific needs and develop a process specific to your business. We know how hard restaurants work to bring the best ingredients into their establishments, and we want to work just as hard to make sure the valuable excess food can be returned to the earth as compost.

I work at an office, can you help us to manage our compostables?

Every office arrangement is unique. We have the ability to work closely with appropriate decision makers to assess the opportunities for separating excess food from the general waste streams. If you work somewhere you think is interested in our services, fill out our interest form, and we can start the conversation.

Do you provide reporting?

Absolutely. We will provide a monthly report detailing the weight collected. This information will also be available anytime by logging into your Account Manager.

Will this eventually save me money?

At the outset, the primary reward is knowing you are doing a good thing. It is our experience that consumers appreciate knowing that companies they do business with are taking care of the environment. Overtime, your commitment to diverting excess food from your trash service can lead to savings. In some cases, we can assist you with right-sizing your bins to make sure that you are not overpaying for waste pickup.

Can you help me recycle excess food from my upcoming event?

Yes, we can do events. Every event is unique, so please complete our interest form, and we will be in touch to make appropriate arrangements. Please be aware that we are not able to work every event, due to a variety of factors.

Composting is easy and clean