Moonshot’s Multifamily Composting Program

Helping Texans turn
food waste into compost

Many Texans today are interested in ways to make their houses more sustainable and eco-friendly. For all the information and help available about solar panels and energy-efficient appliances, very few are paying attention to the amount of waste their homes are producing that ends up in rapidly filling landfills. 

That’s where we come in.

Moonshot makes home composting in Texas clean and easy. Select the service below that’s right for you.

Pick Your Multifamily Composting Service

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Premium + (Customizable)
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Compostable bags provided
Diversion Dashboard (entire complex)
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4 Gallon bin (per unit)
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Join the Mooniverse!

See How Much Your Fellow Texans Are Composting

Explore the map to see the businesses and residents near you who are taking their Moonshot and helping keep thousands of pounds of compostables out of landfills.

What to Compost?

Acceptable material varies slightly depending on whether you’re doing pickup or drop-off, but generally speaking we can accept all kinds of produce as well as coffee waste, bread, table scraps, pasta, egg shells, and more.


Track Your Contributions on the Diversion Dashboard

We make it simple to view the environmental benefits your donations are making with our Diversion Dashboard tool. You’ll find stats such as pounds of waste diverted from landfills and pounds of CO2 saved by composting that waste. You can also get data on your larger community’s achievements, as well.

What Happens to Your Food Waste?

Call us nerds, but we think it’s really cool how spoiled food and leftovers can become a valuable commodity when given enough time and a place to relax. Where is that, you ask?

Your Moonshot collections are transformed into compost at either commercial composting facilities or community gardens.

Group of people planting vegetables at community garden
of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean

Pickup Composting Works in 3 Easy Steps

how to compost at home - icon

Set Aside Compostables

Drop your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells.

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Weekly Bin Swap

On your collection day, put your bin outside at the agreed-upon area (front porch, apartment alleyway, etc.). We do the rest! We will exchange your full bin for a clean one, supply the compostable bags and airtight bin, and even measure your contributions.

household composting - Houston, TX

Track Your Stats and Claim Your Post

Use your personalized Diversion Dashboard to see exactly how much you’re benefiting the environment. If you want to, twice a year you can request compost that you’ve been earning with each collection for your own use. 


Drop-Off Composting Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Set Aside Compostables

As they accumulate, toss your easily compostable fruits and veggies, bread, eggshells, and more in our bin. Our compostable bag and the airtight lid ensure there are no foul smells. Clean and easy!

Drop Off Any Time

Whenever you’re ready, drive up to one of our compost drop-off locations (see drop-off areas). There you can measure and send us the weight of your compostables (if you choose to), then place them in our dedicated drum. We have simple instructions at each location to take out any guesswork on your part.

household composting - Houston, TX

Give Yourself a High-Five

Congrats, you just diverted landfill waste and earned yourself some compost! If you want it back, just tell us when (up to twice per year). If you don’t claim it it will be shared with one of our local partners to help feed soil in our community.