Restaurant Composting Services in Houston

Best part: it’s easy and clean!

How It Works

composting in restaurants - Houston

Set Aside Compostables

We start in the kitchen, with your pre-consumer waste. We do a quick audit, learn what excess food we can easily help you to separate, and we provide the bins. In certain circumstances, we can take post-consumer waste, too. Contact us for details!

restaurant composting services - Houston

We’ll Manage the Details

We will provide the bins for the kitchen, compostable bags, and bins for outside. Our outdoor bins have airtight lids, so no foul smells to worry about. Each pickup, we leave you a clean bin and fresh bags. We are TRUE AdvisorTM certified, and can plan as robust a waste diversion program as you want.

what is food waste composting in restaurants

We’ll Report Your Impact

We calculate the pounds diverted from landfills with every pickup, and can report these diversions, methane emissions avoided, and compost created each collection. So your business can show off its efforts. Inspiration for you and your customers.

of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills.
Composting is easy and clean